What's the Problem?

Only 15% of South African students graduate from tertiary institutions. Why?

For the most part, academic readiness is dealt with by academic institutions whilst the private sector, the state and institutions, to a large extent have developed ways to address financial aid challenges. Through extensive research it has been shown that existing initiatives miss the mark when it comes to providing psycho social support to students who in turn mistrust the various campus based solutions. SpreadLuv wants to provide a new, more integrated approach and solution to campuses across the country.

SpreadLuv’s Unique Solution

What we know is that students who socially integrate:

1. Develop increased commitment to their schools
2. Are more likely to graduate

SpreadLuv’s Model integrates a Number of different approaches creating a variety of benefits to student

Mentoring Model Benefit Theory
Access to Mentoring Improved academic achievement and retention
Peer Mentoring Improved personal support and info sharing
Service learning Promote student learning and development
Student Based Seminars
Higher graduation rates
Improved self confidence
Social Network Theory Large and diverse social networks improve upward mobility and social adaptation

The Idea

Open Peer Led Discussions with expert panelists
  • Brings together students and professionals with similar experiences
  • Open, peer-led discussion
Volunteer with SpreadLuv
  • Work for SpreadLuv as a Career Guide 3 times a year
Minute Mentors
  • Exposure to a professional in your chosen profession
  • Job shadow OR
  • one-on-one interview session

We offer a multi-pronged approach with the hope of creating a process of active learning and teaching for each student. We aim to create better equipped young professionals with the tools to excel in and out of their careers.

Topics of Conversation

What We Expect From Participants



Volunteers have the option of participating on 3 different levels. A volunteer may choose one or more options.

  • Participate in one more seminars
  • Have personal experience with topic and be willing to share thier experience openly
Expert Panelist
  • Have professional knowledge in particular topic and can speak with authority on the topic
Minute Mentor
  • Either allow student to shadow you at work for a period of your choice OR
  • Have one meeting with student relating to career goals OR
  • BOTH