SpreadLuv is a growing, dynamic, non-profit organisation focused on providing effective career guidance to learners with limited resources.

A desire for outreach and social upliftment led a group of young women into different outreach campaigns; and eventually to the Walter Sisulu Child and Youth Care Centre to host an early Christmas party for the children who lived there. During this visit we met and spoke to several of the older learners and realised that many of them lacked information and hope to better themselves. Passion combined with desire to do better saw the beginning of the Career guidance focus of SpreadLuv.

The organisation was founded in 2009 by 8 young African female professionals.  Most of us had just finished our tertiary education at the time, and with our new acquired skills, we sought out ways to bring these to young fellow South Africans and let them know about these possibilities.

We decided to use our diverse range of connections to create a pool of young professionals who had real-life experiences to share with learners.  This is the uniqueness of SpreadLuv.  Not only do we offer career guidance and advice, we also offer firsthand experience on what we studied, where we studied, how we funded our studies and which career paths our qualifications have led us towards.  Not only are our volunteers predominately working professionals, but they are also young enough to relate to the learners.

Our events are styled as informal workshops where volunteers can give brief presentations to learners as well as engage one-on-one with learners as they make enquiries about various careers they may be interested in.  We encourage learners to meet and talk to every volunteer so as to absorb the maximum amount of information.

We have now been in operation for four years and have visited almost 60 under resourced schools in Gauteng.